What is a transaction coordinator?

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages all details involved in closing a real estate transaction, monitors the entire process, and works directly with agents, clients, attorneys, and third party vendors. We are your point of contact from contract to closing.

Are you a licensed or unlicensed transaction coordinator?

We are licensed in North Carolina and Georgia.

Will you have contact with my clients?

This is completely up to you. However, it is most efficient if we may communicate directly with your client. We keep you informed of all communications and CC you on all emails.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

We require a non-refundable retainer to begin a transaction.

Are my files secure and confidential?

We do not share your information with anyone and have strict privacy guidelines.

Can you help with a transaction I have already started?

Yes, we can take over paperwork on a transaction that has already been started. The full fee still applies.

What if my office is far away from you?

Welcome to 2021! As a virtual company, we work entirely paperless with agents and brokers. This means you do not need to be located near our office for us to work with you. You would be surprised at how effective we are and how available we make ourselves to everyone involved in the transaction. We can also do video conferences via zoom if needed.

How can I contact my TC?

Your Transaction Coordinator is available by phone and email within business hours. For important details, we prefer it is sent via email to create a paper trail.

How will I know what is happening with my transaction?

You will have 24/7 access to your file through our online transaction management system. All documents are uploaded and updated as they are received, and you will have regular contact with your Transaction Coordinator.